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Ihr Lieben, heute geht es los mit meiner Mini-Serie „Design and the City“ und ich freue mich besonders Desiree von Vosgesparis als Gastbloggerin begrüßen zu dürfen. Desiree nimmt Euch mit in ihre Stadt eine meiner Lieblingsstädte – Amsterdam! Und sie verrät Euch Ihre ganz persönlichen Tipps für eine tolle Zeit in Amsterdam.

Hello 23Qmstill readers It is a pleasure to be here with you today. It is only since I met Ricarda I am discovering a bit more of the German blog-scene. We were on Blogtour New York together earlier this year and I loved to hang around with her. Some of you I might have met at the HIVE in Berlin this year. I blog at about interiors design for over 5 years.

Ricarda asked me to give you some tips from my hometown for her Design and the city series. I live in Amsterdam and next to my interior blog I have a second blog,, where you can find an Amsterdam city guide with my favorite spots in town. If ever you come to Amsterdam and have any questions just sent me an email ;) But before that I hope to see you on as I want to get to know many more German bloggers. So please feel welcome!

As an interior blogger I love to give you my favorite interior shops in Amsterdam


Harvest & Co
This amazing new one-stop-shop specialized in high quality vintage and industrial furniture, interior goods, specialty coffee, fine art, and beautifully crafted items for travel, work and living. At Harvest they aim to create an atmosphere that inspires, excites and feels comfortable. You will love it! 

Sukha Amsterdam
Sukha is truly in my top 3 of most beautiful stores in town. Being able to transform the look of the store every time into a completely new wonder world shows how strong their concept and the talent of the styling team is!

Pols Potten
What you see at Pols Potten is the result of their dedication to artists, designers and producers. They supervise the design process as well as production and have a collection that is constantly updated. About their presentation they write on their website… “ we like to call it idiosyncratic. Hopefully, you’ll call it inspirational .“

Dinner and drinks
I usally have a pizza somewhere in the Jordaan area and love La Perla for it’s basic Italian food. There is a small terrace in the narrow street and a friendly atmosphere.

If anyone asking me where to sleep I always tell them to go to the LLoyd Hotel, a former VOC building in the Eastern docklands. It is big and has a restaurant, bar and library. Rooms are different form normal rooms as,you might end up in the huge salon if you ask for a family room.

Droog Design

I think Droog is a special place for design lovers. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam. Droog is like a mini empire of design shops offering a selection of accessories, lighting, furniture, fashion, beauty products and studio work.  But also a restaurant and a beautiful design garden.

Dear Desiree, it was a plesure to have you on 23qm Stil as a guteblogger! I hope we will meet as soon as possible in Amsterdam again! Danke, dass Du uns mit nach Amsterdam genommen hast! Tot ziens in Amsterdam!
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  • Thanks for the tips Desiree!
    I really love your selection and I definitely need to visit Harvers & co the next time I am in Amsterdam. Have a great Sunday!

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